Every first Saturday of the month AccesSurf brings the community and their resources together to empower adults and children with disabilities to enter the water. With the help of swimmers, surfers, land cruisers, and adapted equipment, hundreds of people gather for an all day event, lifting bodies and spirits as they provide water therapy and assisted swimming/surfing to participants. AccesSurf is a unique nonprofit that gives hope and an opportunity to live a life without barriers. Rain or shine, their motto is to have a fun and memorable experience, for volunteers and participants alike.


Unlimited volunteers are needed every first Saturday at White Plains Beach to help with transporting participants onto adaptive equipment, keeping safety watch on board and on land, assisting in surfing and swimming, setup, break down, handing out equipment, check-in, cooking, and just to hang out/make friends. Recreational surfers and swimmers are needed to assist in tandem surfing and supportive swimming. Surfers are also essential to maintain watch over the surfing perimeter and providing safety support when required. Find out more about how you can help HERE.