2nd Annual SYL Earth Day – Plant it Forward

On April 22, 2017, we teamed up with Hawaii Cares to clean and restore KEY Project’s Waihe’e Lo’i. Aunty Shelley and Kaipo shared the history and cultural importance of the lo’i, its significance in the community, and how it helps keiki (children) connect with nature. Before we stepped foot into the lo’i, we introduced ourselves and who we wanted to share this experience with. Aunty Shelley then said a prayer to help strengthen our spirits to Mother Nature.

We were tasked to pull all the weeds out of the lo’i and with team work we cleaned it in two hours. As a bonus, Aunty Shelley and Kaipo took us to a fresh water pond to wash up.  Mahalo to Aunty Shelley and KEY Project for sharing this beautiful experience with us, and to our volunteers who donated their time.


KEY Project’s Mission:

The mission of KEY Project is to nurture and promote the cultural, environmental, social, economic and recreational well-being of the Kualoa-He’eia area by providing a vital grassroots civic resource that effectively serves the needs of our diverse multi-cultural community. Click here to learn more about KEY Project.